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Setting Different Backgrounds to Each Page

If you're like me and sometimes can't decide on one background, or if you just like changing up your website constantly, then adding page-specific backgrounds is the perfect design option for your Websites 360® site. This is also another great way to keep your website updated and fun!

Just follow these few steps and you will be set.

Step 1

Go to the design view of the Websites 360® tool and click into the page where you'd like to customize the background.

Background Step 1

Step 2

Click on the “Page background” content block and then check “Override Sitewide Page Background Styles.” Checking this box will override the background selection that you currently have on Sitewide settings and open a menu with different design options for that specific page.

  • Background Step 2a
  • Background Step 2b

Step 3

Now you can select a different background pattern from our tools selection or upload your very own custom background image to this page.

Background Step 3

Easy, right?!

If you'd like different background images for each page of your website, just repeat these steps on each page.

Ready, Set, Publish!