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SEO On The Go

Today’s Search Engine Optimization efforts have grown to include much more than entering a website’s keywords and meta-data. Providing fresh, interesting content has become the key to great SEO. Every website owner should be creating new content and analyzing it over time to ensure a truly optimized user experience. But, if you aren’t skilled at SEO, the data can be difficult to find, understand, and act upon. The good news is that if you’re lucky enough to have a Websites 360® website, many of your SEO concerns have already been addressed!

Our platform auto-generates rich, clean micro-data vital for search engine crawlers, is completely responsive across all devices (and browsers), and easily integrates with data analysis tools including Google Analytics. Taking a holistic approach to SEO can seem overwhelming, but even if you aren’t an experienced SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), there are still simple steps you can take to improve your current search rankings and create buzz around your website and brand.

Creating a conversation with customers through your social media accounts is a great way to drive traffic to your website, as well as find new subject matter for content creation that’s immediately relevant to your followers. Aside from providing advice about your business’ products and services, become an expert in the topics your fans are discussing and set up Google Alerts to inform you of the newest, most relatable news reports and articles. Write your assessment of interesting new information in a blog post or article and share it with your social media accounts to drive traffic to the site. Create a dialogue with your followers by asking their opinions and respond when they show interest.

For a truly interactive social experience, make sure you’ve linked your social media feeds directly to your website. Social media interactions can provide powerful insights and are considered an important factor when determining organic search rankings. Since Google handles virtually all Internet searches in the United States, it’s a pretty good idea to aggressively promote your products and services using Google+.

While these and other SEO efforts can aid in the successful promotion of a website, the public’s interaction with the site will ultimately determine where it ranks in search results. No one technique or rule will make or break your SEO efforts. But, using social media to create awareness of and drive traffic to your website can have a positive effect.

Your customers can be your best source of content and provide your website with legitimacy for search engines both locally and nationally. Taking the time to integrate social media into your online strategy may be the simplest and fastest way to create a conversation around your business and give your website a boost in organic search rankings.