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New Fonts!

We recently installed a slew of new Typekit fonts in our design panel. We added whole families of multipurpose fonts, like Brandon Grotesque, some fun handwriting fonts like Kremlin Pro Web, decorative fonts like Hotel Open, as well as varying weights and styles of our most popular existing fonts like Futura and Museo. We’re enjoying trying out all these fresh options and finding new ways of pairing and contrasting on websites we’re currently working on.

Remember, when picking out your fonts, it’s worthwhile to do a little digging to find out what it was meant for originally. Typekit makes that easy to do with its font library, which gives helpful info about the font designer, makes recommendations for the kind of content the font is suitable for, and offers the ability to test it in different sizes, weights, browsers and levels of contrast. (We love you, Typekit.)

We hope you have fun experimenting with these new fonts! We can’t wait to see how you use them.