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Mobile Marketing: Is Your Website Ready?

Owning a website that's optimized for mobile gives your business a decided edge. Whether you're a roofer or a restaurateur, more and more consumers are using smartphones and tablets to search for your services and products. If you can provide a superior mobile experience, you're on your way to gaining their loyalty.

Better user engagement

The Name.com blog published a recent post about the revolution of Internet marketing due to the rise of smartphones. They offer some recommendations for businesses who have desktop-only websites, and at the top of the list, they say, "Have your site built out in HTML5." They go on to explain that HTML5 is the latest in tech and that websites built with it "will be visually stunning no matter what platform (i.e. device or browser) it is on." We couldn't agree more; in fact, based on newly released research by Anchor Mobile, we even take it a step beyond aesthetics. This case study shows an incredible decrease in bounce rate* from 56.31% on desktop to 1.49% on mobile devices displaying their HTML5 website. This seems to indicate that as a general rule, visitors using a mobile device are significantly more likely than desktop users to engage, and if your website is fun to use on their mobile device (for example, built using HTML5), they're even more likely to stay and tap deeper and deeper into your website.

Why this is good news for you

If you're a Websites 360® user, this is great news, because you're good to go. You don't have to pay to have your website retrofitted or rewritten using HTML5. It's already done, and your website is going to be "visually stunning" for mobile users. So while your competitors are scrambling to keep up with the wave of mobile technology, you're focusing on what you love doing and what you're best at: running your business.


*bounce rate: when a visitor quickly leaves your website without clicking deeper into or engaging with the website for a significant period of time.