Byrd Devices

Exciting Things Coming at Websites 360®

We're pretty darn committed at Websites 360® to using the latest and greatest technology.

We use the most cutting-edge technology as a rule. A few great things about that are that your website looks great, works great, loads quickly and engages your visitors on both mobile and PC. It also works beautifully across different browsers. You won't find Flash or Silverlight here, so your visitors will always get the full experience (instead of a blank screen telling them to go download a plugin).

So what’s coming that’s even better? Well, a few things, but the one we’re talking about today is our whole new image-uploading interface.

First we bring you (drumroll, please) drag-and-drop functionality. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to add images to your website even more quickly than before by just dragging them from your harddrive to your image library. Then you can organize them however you like by dragging them around. The image uploading tool will also also have a new look that makes it easier to add titles and descriptions to your images. That makes it easier for search engines to find them (and, ultimately, you).

So stay tuned. There's always more to come.